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My first year at Middlethorpe has flown by and what a year it was! 2017 was the year that Middlethorpe Primary Academy officially became outstanding, although we had known it for a long time before. One of the key reasons why this coveted judgement was awarded to us is because, as it said in the report, ‘we do not rest on our laurels’.

In education, we have to constantly analyse outcomes and redesign the provision that is place in order to provide the very best for our children. Analysis from last year has led the staff to ask the question, ‘how can we design a learning climate that enables children to be successful independently?’ This is our key priority one for 2017/18 because we find that our children are apprehensive when presented with a challenge that they have to complete on their own.

We want our children to be truly successful people at Middlethorpe and beyond so we are aiming towards the idea of ‘what I can do in a team today, I can do on my own tomorrow’ and ‘be the best me I can be’. For this vision to be successful we are applying research and strategies regarding mindset and in particular growth mindset. We are calling it Middlethorpe Mindset. We want our children to believe in themselves, to believe that they can do it and see the value in making mistakes. The biggest factor in a child’s mindset is the mindset of their parents and for that reason we would like to share what we are doing in school with you.

On Thursday 14th September we are hosting a Failure Festival. The afternoon will include a presentation  to learn more about the brain, Mindset and how we can improve our children’s life chances as well as their emotional and mental health and wellbeing. It will also include an opportunity for you to join your child in their classroom and see the  Middlethorpe Mindset in action.

We are looking to have every parent join us on this day. Our Middlethorpe Mindset vision will only work if we all work together!

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